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  • Who are you?

    We are an enthusiastic and determined Hungarian enterprise with full of well-intentioned and honest colleagues who are eager to provide help also to your company. For more information about us please check the main page by clicking on the WHO&WHEN? button on the menu above!

  • How can you help us?

    Most probably you have also already experienced that in the life or every enterprise certain problems, difficulties emerge from time to time overcoming which can be a hard task. Additionally you might have also felt that you could well use some outside help in solving these problems. Above we have listed some typical problematic situations in which it could justly be felt that some external help would be quite useful. Or it can happen that it seems every condition is given for a successful business start still the life of a brand new enterprise takes another course than its owners have originally planned. We can also lend a helping hand in such cases when the newborn entrepreneurs have positive enthusiasm towards the starting of their new business, however that particular great new idea is missing in order to see clearly which way they should go. If you think you would also be in need of an external magical support then please get in touch with us right away by clicking the botton below.

  • How do these mentioned magical helping techniques work anyway?

    Basically this should be kept our secret. :) However it can be disclosed that the members of our dedicated crew have been studying and utilizing those ancient and long forgotten spiritual techniques for more than 15 years, through which techniques success, growth and wealth can be brought into the everyday life of your business. These particular techniques have always existed. They have been part of the everyday life of members of ancient civilizations. However where the centuries of history have swept over the world this special knowledge temporarily rested and fell into oblivion, in order to once again reemerge in our times as currently more and more people are getting interested in spiritual teachings and techniques. We mainly utilize these special techniques in order to achieve common advancement and growth thus fostering overall happiness and of course with only positive, supporting and amending intentions. In case you are interested in our services please kindly contact us through the given channels after which we start our co-operation right away. We map the problem centers of your business and together we draw up such concrete goals which are realistic, pretentious or even profusely imaginative. We also work in order that people relearn how to dream big. Please question yourself: Why would we fail instead of succeeding in the things we set up for ourselves? Who or what could be standing in the way of this? We are here to help you reach success and growth. After setting up the goals the rest is our job. Your only task is to pay us the individually determined monthly honorarium and then do your work just as before. Please remember: MIRACLES DO EXIST!

  • How much is your mentioned monthly honorarium and how can we pay it?

    Our company provides the above mentioned spiritual supporting services against an individually determined fix monthly fee. This fix monthly fee is specified based on several different factors and after setting up a personal contact with you. However this fee is always by all means a realistic, affordable and fair compensation. If you are interested to learn the details please kindly contact us still today! The appointed monthly fee can be paid in the most convenient way: in the form of bank card payment through PayPal or direct bank telegraphic transfer. In case of every payment our company issues a commercial invoice for consulting services. In case of a continuous co-operation this monthly fee should be paid on a mutually set up effective date. This payment lacks automation which means that with the approach of the set up date for payment we always notify you in time and ask for re-payment. You will always keep the possibility of deciding whether you wish to continue to use our services. The mentioned monthly fee should always be paid in advance without refund. The supporting services of our company starts every time after the receipt of the given monthly payment or proceeds in case of a continuous co-operation.

  • How can we know that you are acting fairly?

    We know of ourselves that our company exclusively consists of honorable and helpful people. We have even strived to create this very website in such a way that upon reading through it this positive attitude could be "felt" and to make it completely clear that here the deal is only about fair assistance avoiding even the facade of deceit. We are always interested in the establishment of fair and long term business co-operations which can only be realized if both parties involved are satisfied. The above mentioned fix monthly fees are also always set up in order to be affordable for everybody while compensating for our supporting services rendered. Please get in touch with us right away in order to better know each other and start such a mutual and hopefully long term fruitful co-operation which brings solely advantages for the satisfaction of all parties involved. We truly trust that by reading these lines you "feel" that we only wish to do good to you and your business and we also know that we can help you so your enterprise could evolve, grow and enrich. If you feel these positive energies then we have already done our job well. :)

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If you still have questions moreover you are interested in getting to know us better please contact us by clicking on the button on the right. We are looking forward to receiving your kind message and hoping to be able to start a business co-operation with you soon.